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yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins
Just in case no one has seen it yet:

A fan project
for our dearest drummer.

Please participate~
14th-Feb-2009 09:56 pm - Ruis blogentry
Rui: 2008-06-02 21:52:43

Defencelessness scandal

Today was futile and is passing by. (´_`)
First of all I slept awfully.
I have such a day again.

Ah! KAT-TUN published their album. Lucky devil. I want to have it.

I still cannot listen to this wild album …
A lot of music which is on my mind.

Now I drink coffee to calm down.

Till then
14th-Feb-2009 04:03 pm - Rui; 2008-06-01 21:26:25
Fishy bright weather Scream

Members and I were everyday together but not bored.
Yes, on the contrary the question is if we were bored. (Laugh)
We produce 5 opinions and 5 ways, sometimes we terrible tangle but these opinions are finished and stupid things are born.
It’s a wonderful thing.

Alone without thinking unexpected ideas are consecutively agitating.
That’s the feeling of making a band.

Fullness. Fullness.

Today’s work is slowly ending.
Latest people are making constancy?
29th-Jan-2009 12:53 pm - Tohya, 27th May 2008
yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins
2008-05-27 18:14:01
Point 12, test otsukaresama

Written in the maintenance (o・v・o)

Uwa (∂∀∂^)


I am now very lucky.

That's because

Everyone's love,

Many wonderful words were received

I want to thank you perfectly

Not only words on my blog are given

But borrowing this place

Telling the feeling

Wanting to wait☆

23rd-Jan-2009 06:05 pm - Tohya, 25th May part 3
yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins
2008-05-25 09:01:33
Point 9, lalalast to know

Good morning☆

Today is a live that we've been waiting for!

Also a live on the 30th

Many lives to come in June

I'm like trembling-san (*^ー^)


The truth is that Yuh-san made Tohya decorate the other day

Scream with all your might zo☆

Everyone's voices are heard quickly?!

Then hear my drums...

Hear vistlip!

It's still heavy beats

kurukuru☆ [TN: sound of something spinning rapidly]

Dorayaki is something Tohya really likes

I really like colorful things, mainly blue, white and black.

Not Doraemon!

I'm saying not Doraemon!

I'm not cured of my itchy eyes...

Yesterday I was at my limit

But it's itchy!

Hay fever?

That is quite horrible


Cherishing by washing them out to become better

I wonder

Please do it exactly as it is (‘o‘)ノ

It's mom's birthday☆

Ah, not my mom ahaha

Amazing at the amount of letters♪

But it's late for Manager-san

'Amenbaa application'


Before the live switch off your phone!

It's really essential writing this, so don't forget na.

What is it?

Just remember it

An image from before of the bowling

Bowling of last year!

You see...

See ya at Meguro (^ー^)/

23rd-Jan-2009 05:21 pm - Tohya, 25th May part 1
yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins
2008-05-25 01:04:14
Point 8, the dream is to dream of change as it is to the artist

Drinking this!


No way.

This is when I forget something

Members and Manager-san and drinking at the same time♪

Anyhow, I didn't catch a cold

I know I'm very healthy [okay, maybe not masato. But Nao and/or Yuugiri of DaizyStripper now xD]

My eyes are really itchy!



I'm cured of an ulcer☆

I [ate] honey for [those who were] worried

The heart, the cocoa

But I'm being practical with low sure coffee

Cutting calories

Tohya hates the rain, and I think it will be depressing if it rains tomorrow...

Am I a rain man? [...oh you're kidding me. ANOTHER ONE? First Chiyu and now Tohya... x_x]

I'm considering ending it

Itchy eyes (」゜□゜)」

Itchy eyess (」゜□゜)」

The Manager's blog is updating successfully (estimated)

Expecting 5!

At least they don't give [an impression of] serious deja vu


For the sake of tomorrow, today I'll go lie down

It's a habit of mine that I like and makes me happy na

Comments and Amebaa requestions, thank you.

I'm happy it's increasing na

And also peta


It is

More messages are all accepted

Itchy eyes \(^ー^)/

Good night☆

21st-Jan-2009 09:05 pm - Tohya, 24th May part 1
yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins
Because Tohya doesn't write 笑 as (笑)
Which I would usually put in as "(laugh)"
...I'm going to make him say "lol" every now and then, OKAY XD
Because, just saying "haha" doesn't fit certain sentences that greatly imo D8

12:21:24Collapse )

21:12:46Collapse )

21st-Jan-2009 04:47 pm - Tohya, 23rd May 2008
yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins
10:53:07Collapse )

12:51:05Collapse )

13:28:00Collapse )

21:45:04Collapse )

22:57:59Collapse )


Holy mother effing s*** DDDD8
At least this boy makes proper sense compared to anyone else I translate for LOL XD
...so far, at least =A=;
We love him really, right xDD
21st-Jan-2009 04:46 pm - Tohya, 22nd May 2008
yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins
2008-05-22 15:50:55
Point 1, new Ameblo

Pleased to meet you on Ameblo☆

To know the person, to know

vistlip's drummer: Tohya!

Read as とーや(‘o‘)ノ

Renewal is accompanied with the blog and moving

It's a new feeling among other things, ganbarima~su♪

Because the PC is still set up

Some time ago the blog's link wasn't working

Today is Brand X-san's in store later

The report for the in store is together with others again ne

It's good na\(^ー^)/


Yo! Lisa here. haru. harucchun. Whatever you guys know me as ahaha xD
So, I'm now Tohya's translator, yey~
About time this guy gets some love xDD!

yoroshiku ne!
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