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Tohya, 23rd May 2008 
21st-Jan-2009 04:47 pm
yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins

2008-05-23 10:53:07
Point 2, in store ball

In store otsukaresama☆

Because today you can see I'm blogging on my PC [omg it rhymes xD]

For no special reason, it might be new

PC Yeah!

Kaomoji are like small pictures? [TN: kaomoji = text emoticons]

It's awesome naa, amusing naa(*^ー^)

From now on I'll use this a lot [................what did I get myself in to D8]

Thank you so much for the letter and illustration★

I was very very happy

But I don't look that good...haha

But I'm happy

This Tohya has a slim shape and is awesome ne…(._.) haha

Super skillful to live this way

I said that letter made me really happy ne

I'll read it again

Happiness of the letter ne♪

And now it's bath time after going around doing exercise

It's wonderful bathing so I'll go do that☆

Also, yesterday I was racing... [TN: cars]

Dear God, I'm sorry

And then one time I built up a large display

It was a brilliant thing!


More talk of practice to imitate and questioning isn't wrong ne


The talk is a questioning corner main, so

From the beginning to the end I need to be rescued from them na? Haha

Testing my mind out★

'Pretty girls that stand in the rain and holding their hand. I wonder what the color of the umbrella is?'

Everyone's answer


Yuh-san⇒Doesn't have one



Tohya⇒White with light blue polkadots

Yes, this is the answer

'In the futue my wife will wear the underwear she wants'


Yuh-san... Haha

I think everyone is respectful to those [they are] surrounded by but not answering.

But still, I'm [quite] brief \(^ー^)/

Men and women are opposite versions to each other's spirit for testing

Everyone answered 'innocent' ne☆

Said at the in store was that everyone was awfully either distant or close

Seeing everyone's smiles

Shaking everyone's hand

A wonderful event ne?

I want [to go] back there☆

Everyone at the in store had a lot of [fun] bowling!

That pattern is for the next blog so it's left◎

Amenbaa among peta

Another point is that it still isn't grasping, though

Everyone is reading it anyway right?


Thank you for sending the messages together

Ah, writing on my PC isn't as absurd [as I thought] na...

Maa, it's good right!

Summing it up!

Thank you Brand X-san!

Thank you everyone!

Thank you vistlip!



Point 3, good performance

While bowling [I ate this]...

Ah, getting into it

Where do they sell this stuff!

Even so, today is hot ne?

About 30℃ (‘o‘)ノ

Everyone walking outside at the time is in shadows

And then writing on my blog from my PC, the letters are brief as you can see [TN: when he said it was hot, he skipped a particle of the sentence.]

Inexcusable (._.)

I forgot to put my ipod away since it was an emergency

Still, don't go without music.


Meaning, it's well not knowing but the things☆

Of yesterday's in store behind bowling tornament

First of all, the result was only a little bit ahead...

I ranked 1st place \(^ー^)/


The new wars of Manager-san and Director-san taking turns

Going off in to 2 teams!

Yesterday, you could see everyone was in bad condition

I am at perfection and it was a fluke that I got a strike and 1st place

And then my team won with that guidance★

The teams were

Tomo-kun. Rui-kun. Director-san.


Tohya. Yuh-san. Manager-san

You see.

It was so much fun◎

Everyone wants to go again later (o・v・o)

Arriving to perform is luckily in the way of it

Point 4, comment

Making sure that I keep writing☆

Point 5, a different side


Today is planned for rehearsal together◎

It was super-fun?

vistlip's rehearsals are really amusing

There are a lot of lives after tomorrow

For the first time, vistlip play at Shikanakan!

Everyone will have super-fun ne? (^ー^)/

Super-fun with high spirits

Everyone's smiles and voices are many to look forward to ne♪


Throwing away for good application...(._.) haha

Gradually, throwing away is good na

I wonder if it's good?

I wonder!

In what way is it a challenge!!


Thank you for the many petas★

Leaving peta behind on the member's blogs so we see(‘o‘)

Ameblo is vistlip's big boom

Rui-kun is still blogging gah!


※Manager blogged for the first time

It's all good.


Holy mother effing s*** DDDD8
At least this boy makes proper sense compared to anyone else I translate for LOL XD
...so far, at least =A=;
We love him really, right xDD
21st-Jan-2009 04:12 am (UTC)
Thank you. ^-^

Gods this first entry is damn long. But it's funny. I honestly just take a look at his entries but I don't read them. He's writing too much for my poor Japanese skills so I just try to understand a bit here or there.

I'm so glad you take charge of doing this hard work from now on.

Again, thank you. ^^
21st-Jan-2009 05:33 am (UTC)

That's just him using the space button a lot ahaha xDD
I know what you mean~
I only read the entries for the people I translate LOL

I'll try to catch up as soon as possible!

You're welcome ^^~
21st-Jan-2009 05:24 pm (UTC)
I can imagine this. Ganbatte, ne.

Ahh, there are so many people I'm interested in, and I read those ones but it's more for me to know more or less what's happening but not enough for translating and telling others. And if I were able I'd concentrate on other bands, on those I made comms for.

21st-Jan-2009 03:24 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :D
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