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Tohya, 24th May part 1 
21st-Jan-2009 09:05 pm
yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins
Because Tohya doesn't write 笑 as (笑)
Which I would usually put in as "(laugh)"
...I'm going to make him say "lol" every now and then, OKAY XD
Because, just saying "haha" doesn't fit certain sentences that greatly imo D8

2008-05-24 12:21:24
Point 6, expecting disaster

Good morning☆

A lo~ng blog up ahead so if I made a mistake then I'll erase it...

It's very depressing



In my head it's becoming a disaster

The important cause is Ameblo! haha

A high level is consequently a former person for Tohya is planning not doing flower arranging

But keep an eye on the comment [video]

The comment isn't something to cry over na...?

Saying that I feel that

Everyone wrote what they were going to say for the comment!

Recognizing that, we're sorry (:_;)

Ah, said in the puchime was also noticed

It's difficult...

Surely, it should be natural for it not to be difficult right? haha

Finally, a lot of things are being created★

For now I feel relieved

And then a paragraph of fanmail

An error occurred, I'm sorry

'Subject' or something wasn't written to see

Though before the address was serviceable!

It's new way to send things ne♪?

And also, something like learning of a flaw that's gone around (._.)

Well, the object of my blog is for you guys to bookmark it so you can point out my flaws.

Thank you

Really, lately it's become that way na

Am I okay

Reliable like this!

After today I'll practice by myself (*^ー^)

Amuse me tomorrow

Everyone that I meet




It's similar to things that happened yesterday na

Maa, is it good?

Why is it that when I walk into the room, I'm always carrying something

It's very bothersome... lol

I give up!

Gather lightening

From yesterday, 'Manager blog' officially started

Why [did he start] a blog though, haha

By the way, yesterdays news about Manager-san was to remind myself

Thank you

For the sake of vistlip it really is best to get around影

I'm always really grateful

In a big way it doesn't become a requital of a favor right♪


A renewal for the site?!

Awesome right?

Really satisfying

Though before I liked the site the way it was

Wasn't it? That photo is a lonely memory

Of course writing from my PC is giving me a headache...

Thus, I'll restrain myself


Point 7, tomorrow is a live

Tomorrow is a live!

I want to hurry and go

Approaching from a distance at a time is an anywhere door isn't it♪

From home to work my eyes are still seeing voices and love that are sent (*^ー^)ノ


The site is new but still, you can't see what was there before

On the 26th everyone will see!

Seeing that my PC is carried and seen in a situation.

I also want to continue to be able to see [this kind of thing] ne

Getting impatient but I think it's something to look forward to☆

Thank you for the Amenbaa requests☆

Specially, Ameblo gives registration to many people

Go get one [TN: ...this is where I get to be all fangirl like 8Dv um. The reading is "ニヤけちゃいます" which, in romaji is "niyake chaimasu" WHICH CAN BE TRANSLATED TO "My partner is doing me"... "partner" = Tomo, anyone XDDDD? .... okay. I need to stop misreading things xD]

Thank you♪

Steadily, I'll limit my blog to not just writing and

With trouble, I'll limit the interesting things ne

A diet for my blog... lol

That day of intake of calories. Expenditure on the calories and my health is going great

It can't be helped

When it rains, it's cold na [...okay, dude. You're sounding like masato now.]

Yesterday it was too hot ne

Don't catch a cold ne

Umi-san and Rui-kun

Cheaply caught one!

So it's cold

But I didn't get one

Exact as close as I was

I've got the best health


Thank you for the many sweets \(^ー^)/

Lately it is remarkably soy flour

I like red bean jam

♪In other words, I'm simple~ the thing is?

I have a sweet tooth


Well, isn't this a long blog, but it's not horrible

Using it officially!

I'll post an Amenbaa only blog☆

So then see you tomorrow!

It's all good (o・v・o)

21st-Jan-2009 03:18 pm (UTC)
Nononono, not "LOL"! xD I hate that ... UGH.

Anyways. Thanks for translating! :)
22nd-Jan-2009 02:50 am (UTC)
Ahahaha, well..
once he starts using "(笑)" (if he ever does)
I'll stop then XDD;

You're welcome~
21st-Jan-2009 05:33 pm (UTC)
HAHAHAHA he's too damn great. *giggles*

And I love your note about the different reading. Sometimes it's pure fun what things CAN mean. ^-^

Thank you. ^^
22nd-Jan-2009 02:51 am (UTC)
I do those meanings to EVERYONE I translate for XD;
It's really amusing na 8D~

Their fault for wording use aha XDDD;

You're welcome~
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