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Tohya, 25th May part 3 
23rd-Jan-2009 06:05 pm
yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins
2008-05-25 09:01:33
Point 9, lalalast to know

Good morning☆

Today is a live that we've been waiting for!

Also a live on the 30th

Many lives to come in June

I'm like trembling-san (*^ー^)


The truth is that Yuh-san made Tohya decorate the other day

Scream with all your might zo☆

Everyone's voices are heard quickly?!

Then hear my drums...

Hear vistlip!

It's still heavy beats

kurukuru☆ [TN: sound of something spinning rapidly]

Dorayaki is something Tohya really likes

I really like colorful things, mainly blue, white and black.

Not Doraemon!

I'm saying not Doraemon!

I'm not cured of my itchy eyes...

Yesterday I was at my limit

But it's itchy!

Hay fever?

That is quite horrible


Cherishing by washing them out to become better

I wonder

Please do it exactly as it is (‘o‘)ノ

It's mom's birthday☆

Ah, not my mom ahaha

Amazing at the amount of letters♪

But it's late for Manager-san

'Amenbaa application'


Before the live switch off your phone!

It's really essential writing this, so don't forget na.

What is it?

Just remember it

An image from before of the bowling

Bowling of last year!

You see...

See ya at Meguro (^ー^)/

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