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2008-06-01 12:26:28

Start of „Sense of Life“ project
Good morning.
It’s already June.
IIt’s early~.
In the twinkle of an eye the first half oft he year was excellent and 30 days left.
Furthermore the weather is great!I’m happy~
Here in Tôkyô it was the last time cold and rain has fallen, the weather became good.
Since I was a child I liked rainy days.
On such days I liked to go for a walk insouciantly but now it’s just work work.
I do my best.
I think there are a lo of who go for a wolk on Sundays.
People who are working and people who are on holiday are enjoying the long awaited bright Sunday as good as they can.
Summer becomes good even if the rainy season doesn’t occur.
Rainy season ist he most unappealing.
But I also don’t like hot summer.
I forgot Suica.
8th-Nov-2008 04:46 pm - Rui 2008-05-31 22:15:02

2008-05-31 22:15:02

sky-blue Fantasy

30th of May, thank you for your efforts Takadanobaba AREA.
Finally we had a coupling concert with UnsraW. The expertness resulted from a very long chumminess.

Even since Junior High, being the same since High School. (Laughing)
After graduation they made a band together.

A long time I watched the live concerts only from side parts from the stage but a while I couldn’t watch it and became grown at home. (Laughing)

I laugh when someone is around.
It seems to be very cheerful applause! It was marvellous.

Due to Yesterday I feel strange when I rest, but furthermore I wate until we construct the same stage.

Yûki some day came back with the 5 of UnsraW and on top of that with the desire if we could make a live together.
Thus I wait with pleasure for this day to come probably sometime while I do my best madly!

Thank you for the cigarette, the present and the letter.

The next is after one week?

Let’s develop to the maximum!
22nd-Jun-2008 08:54 pm - Yuh, May 23rd
백현[exo] - no agree
2008-05-23 07:18:42
Lip Service 3rd

Returning home now.

Anyway, I've finished doing Amembaa approvals at a weird time, so I'm sorry that I haven't answered everyone's request messages

Also, thanks to all those who registered to Ameblo specially for vistlip
[TN: he uses "ko" which would probably mean "child" when talking about the people.]

I still have a few readers' and Amembaas' left however, so this is why I want to express my thank-you to everyone in this message

But this is also a feeling I really want to carry forever

Not just because of its simplicity or to look cool

Also, regarding Ameblo there is a commenting system for the time being

For some reason or other I'm not keeping it open to public

for the very same day you visit the blog you send me enermously fanmail every day right?!

So the way comments are attached to the blog is solved

But also send me lots of fanmail. Because it's become my source of energy

I should say, for I'm reeeeeally tired I have to get up to write about the instore

Good night
7th-Jun-2008 10:58 am(no subject)
29, 2008 @ 13:19)

A Hong Kong Story.

China.  Well actually Hong Kong.  Hong Kong.  Speaking of Hong Kong,
Michael Lau.
He's a guy who makes street figures.

These are his KORN figures.  I stayed for about an hour to see them in the music store.

They have so much originality, don't they?

Well of course Japanimation has figures too.  Even in America, they have American comic book character  and movie figures.  And in America they have McFarland Toy's Marvel figures, I love those.

But of course in those countries I feel that they have a certain touch, right? Like the feel of the material, etc.
7th-Jun-2008 09:50 am(no subject)
(May 27, 2008 @ 23:59)

My Brain is tormenting me.

There's a mound of homework. Tasks.

And my head is just tormenting me.

Everything is about one's image.  Image is a very important thing. I was told Onigiri was important too.  Wait... What's the real name for Onigiri?!  Does he even have a real name? Kazu is Mikura Kazuma, right?

What is Onigiri's real name!? What is it!?

What is it! It's bothering me, bothering me, and bothering me some more!

Well, whatever.

The image is not becoming clear.  Because I lent the manual to someone I can't overcome this question.
So now I'm worried, but it's useless.  And because of this endless worrying, I can't leave the house or do anything right now.

But I have to do something else. Like cook or something. And then sleep when I get tired.
I'm kind of restricted.

I don't get the image.... Why.  I can't even write on paper.

My designs are piling up.

I completely understand what Tomo was feeling today.

The Onigiri he's talking about is a character from the anime mentioned below, not the food~.
Kazu is another character from the anime/manga series Air Gear, his real name is Mikura Kazuma.
4th-Jun-2008 04:09 pm(no subject)
(May 27, 2008 @ 12:48)

Well Done.

Yesterday and the day before yesterday I said I had summer fatigue, didn't I?

I said I was feeling fine, but....

My body has been feeling too sluggish lately, because it's too hot.
After writing yesterday's blog, I came to the conclusion that I caught a fever.

38 (Celsius)

So that's why it seems like I'm not well.

If my cold doesn't go away quickly, I'll return to complaining.  Naturally.

Certainly this time, until my body temperature returns to normal, I'll dismiss it.

Since I just took some Dodecamine, everything is spinning.
3rd-Jun-2008 06:20 pm(no subject)
(May 26, 2008 @ 08:46)

Very warm things

This ramen is so warm~.

Japanese candy.
Thread candy.

Because this ramen is very. very. warm.
And yesterday was hot. So I was a bit tired.
And somehow I got a shoe sore.

I don't know how many months I've been wearing these shoes. That's probably why I hate them. Haha, that must be it.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling very lively. No. Not at all.
Midway, it was the heat, and the lightness of the atmosphere. And I have a feeling it was because I was tired.

So I'm not spirited, among other things.  Well I wasn't feeling lively before.

But now I'm OK.  Because I kept getting "Please be careful."  What an enigma.

Anyway, how many years has it been since the last time I went to Rokumeikan? I was happy when I was reminded.

Rokumeikan is a restaurant in Fukushima.

3rd-Jun-2008 05:44 pm(no subject)
(May 25, 2008 @ 15:41)


During the waiting time we were able to do an artistic test.
If you can tell who drew what, that would be amazing.
By the way, Touya didn't draw one.
3rd-Jun-2008 05:06 pm(no subject)
(May 25, 2008 @ 12:39)

Like the atmosphere's fallen balloon.

That's the kind of spirit.

It's probably cool outside...and it's probably going to be hot if you wear thick clothes. And you'll sweat.

Even though in my previous entry I made an official notice, I carry my thoughts in my arms. I'm finishing my homework. I expect it will be liberating but...
There's always new homework to do.  And as soon as that's finished, there will always be even more things that I can't finish piling up.

"It seems like I won't be able to do the two rounds from last time"

is what I thought, even though I've started already. I'll try not to ride on my mood as much as possible. But I don't seem to be making any progress.

There are many things that God has stirred up, and if I could come up with some special ideas then I could do my work  quickly too, ne?

If I became obsessed even once, then my disposition will be hopeless. For now I'll be focusing on other matters, and I think I'll reset my brain. Right now.  At this time.

But first....

The bathtub over there.

Note: Umi is so hard to understand T_T. I think he means like...recording or band related work by homework.
3rd-Jun-2008 10:26 pm - Yuh, 22th May 2008
백현[exo] - no agree
2008-05-22 13:14:30
Welcome to the vistlip

We've moved to Ameblo 彡W-ω-Wミ

However starting from yesterday I've logged in a few times variously to do refreshing experiments!!

What's Amemba? [TN: friends on Ameblo - amembaa/amenbaa/etc, it comes from ameba + member]

What's peta? [TN: "footsteps" you leave to people to show you checked them out]

But I want to make the background of my mobile black and I don't understand the tag!!

When the interior started growing dark I gave up and swore in my heart

Today from evening to now we had the last instore event about the sale of the mini album

We didn't do much interesting planniiiing

Material lays in stock

But there's a lot of stuff one can only see on their PC, things like in the profile? there's fortune telling and things like that which interest Yuh!!

Successfull behaviour attribute employment systems and luck with money are exactly for me

Yaaa it's so interesting, right

The people who come to the instore can shake hands with me in Ikebukuro [TN: commercial and entertainment district in Toshima ward] afterwards!!

original entry

2008-05-22 16:26:57
[TN: Yes, he wrote "rd".]

[TN: it's a way of saying hi and such.]

Some time ago about the mobile's way of [changing] the background...

I had a discussion with the writing director and immediately the background of the mobile changed

It worked fast right

But somehow I think the time set for today's appointment was changed!!

Surely [I'd know] if only I'd leave the bath...

I won't be in time

However I want to be in time for the handshake of Ikebukuro Brand X

I have no choice but to run

After that one more [go] for Ameblo's system since I still don't understand it, a lot of peta!ing people, you should all become [my] readers! [TN: he means the reader system on Ameblo.]

This year vistlip will be able to flourish in the musical industry

Very well Peace☆
[TN: He wrote "Peace" in English]

original entry

2008-05-22 18:57:10
Business junction!

The home page went through a renewal!

According to the computer terminal there shouldn't be people who can't see it anymore, but in case there are it seems like you all should be able to see it in 3 several more days!

Very well☆

original entry

2008-05-22 23:30:57
[TN: Again, "rd".]

I might even start writing Amembaa limited news from here on [TN: he means FO posts], they'll do for those able to register!

Those with troubles with registering, and those who're not able to do it physically, I'm still planning to be equal towards you

Images and such, very special things, I think those are the ones that will be told to Amembaa first

but really I'll be equal to everyone

since everyone wants to know vistlip...

I'll continue really [TN: he uses the word "meccha", something of a stamp to Osaka-ben] updating the old blog for a long time
[TN: ...please, no, I'm having enough to do with this one.]

In Peaceful feelings☆
[TN: he wrote "Peace" in English again]

original entry
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