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Tohya, 26th May 2008 
29th-Jan-2009 12:46 pm
yoshi, hiroyoshi, ikemen, hiro, twins

2008-05-26 07:00:17
Point 10, romance car in monologue

Good morning & otsukaresama☆

Yesterday was an amazing evening

Usually it's even more amazing that it's not as blessing that it is

The words of dignity, I should say

Trust it to be damaged


It's usually amazing somewhat though it can't be helped

Everyone gets separated ne?



Happy with the letters, thank you \(^ー^)/

Before the live from a distance, love piles up and is sent to everyone, thank you☆

I am in love with all the vistlip fans

Everyone's smiles

Everyone's voices

Overall that's the motive

Because of you, I smile and it gets to all of you

Thank you so much.

Continue forever

I want to follow

Always the love that you want

vistlip is also continuing to love and supporting of the music

Amazing lives

Going to make it,

More without fail

Everyone is blessing [us]

Next is the 30thン

Immediately wanting to meet with the happiness

Later, together

Having an amazing day☆

Point 11, I wonder what the contents of the box are

This morning I became greatly hungry.

Although [I got] a notification I ate cheese France 0.23

Or rather, 0.23, it seems, ahaha

And yet it's a cold point!

What the heck is this food?

Well then

The truth is that this is lovely cardboard that I got

As expected

That shape is...!


Isn't it☆

That's right

NEW sticks!! [TN: he wrote 'NEW' in English]

I bought a lot★

At last, they arrived♪

This way sound house-san is

Really good that it's given in fantastic cardboard packing

It's a very lovely store

With this I'll do my best on the 30th zo (*^ー^)ノ

Yesterday I gave up with the terrible sticks I had then

After all, throwing away [made me seem like] chicken BOY [TN: 'BOY' in English]

Signs and messages are still being written... haha

Among sympathy

For sure, the next is revenge!

Steady catch☆

The lamplight for Tohya is quite abroad but the lives are like that

Everyone from overseas are waiting a bit

vistlip are positively going to have a live overseas zo?!

The black soy milk has already been drunk, and I really liked it ahaha

As expected, it was a Nice choice☆ [TN: "Nice" in English xD]

Thanks very much, my left eye is all red

Eye drops are needed for today...

Red-ish and yet heavy rotation is splendid

My friends recommended this!

arigata ya arigata ya [TN: ....his way of saying 'arigato' =A=... if he starts saying 'arigatohya' I think I might just headdesk more than usual xD]

My family have many things to advertise,

I really want to thank you

Beyond the blog is a lot of mail

I want to say it personally

Thank you.

Bus driver-san

His smile was very wonderful.

Somewhat it's a very gentle feeling you get.

Amazing strength

Wanting to become that sort of wonderful person na

But whatever time it is

Be happy ne☆

Everyone is allowed to be blessed na.

Smile the best you can \(^ー^)/

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